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  • Dealing with Spiritual Beings

Dealing with Spiritual Beings

How do you connect with the void and strengthen the cooperation with your spirit guide? In this online training 'Dealing with Spiritual Beings' you will learn to distinguish between positive and negative entities. And above all the very important aspect, how to access and remove it. These are entities that surround or in a person, including the anchors and/or gates they can create and leave behind. But we are also talking about the entities that are in rooms, houses or articles. They are capable of a lot without people noticing at first, often until it is already too late.

Supplement to the second and third degree Reiki

We meet many serious Reiki practitioners who feel that they are standing still, or that they have not learned everything that is involved in the traditional form of Reiki. This is often the case. That is why JinKei offers a series of short training sessions that can serve as a supplement. This online training is a welcome addition for practitioners who have not followed the second degree Okuden (or Reiki second or third degree) with JinKei. Because every second-degree practitioner or Reiki Master will encounter these entities sooner or later. The only question is whether you recognize the entities, especially the problem with the negative entities. Because they recognize you, and they know what you can do. In this training you learn to recognize them, you learn how to act on them, and you learn techniques to remove them. You will find that negative entities can cause many inconveniences that can lead to very serious consequences. Especially if people are sensitive to this.

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Dealing with Spiritual Beings

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