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Official Hanko Master Stamp

Give the signing of the Reiki certificate even more style and use an official Hanko Reiki Master stamp. This stamp features your name and the words Master and Reiki in Kanji. You put it on the right side of the certificate instead of, or together with, your regular signature.

Read more about the Asian meaning of a stamp as a signature and its origin here.

100% Natural Stone

The Hanko Reiki Master stamp is made of 100% garanseki (伽藍石) natural stone, also called the Temple Stone, and guarantees a lifetime of quality. This stamp is made in a Japanese studio near Kyoto, where a Japanese stamp master makes this stamp in an honourable and authentic way with a feeling for the recipient. This is done through the Japanese tradition, and that makes the Hanko Reiki Master stamp unique and also very personal. The stamps are only made on request and custom. The delivery time is therefore approximately four weeks.

Exclusive quality Hanko Reiki Master stamp

The quality of the Hanko Reiki Master stamp is guaranteed for life. Your order will be delivered in an exclusive Japanese-style storage box. Making the Hanko Reiki Master stamp is manual work and not every stone is the same. Therefore, the stone colour (from light green to grey-white) and the model of the delivered product may differ slightly from the photos shown.
Because the Hanko Master stamp is only intended for recognized Reiki Masters, we ask that you upload a clear copy of your own Reiki Master certificate with the order. We rely on your understanding in this regard.

Look here for the official Hanko Reiki stamp to confirm the authenticity of your Reiki certificates for your students. Are you looking for a stamp with a different, personal design? We have options for that too. Please contact us for this.

Hanko Master stamp

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This product is made on request and by hand, delivery time is approximately 4 weeks.

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