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Official Hanko Reiki stamp

Every student who successfully completes a Reiki course with you as a Reiki Master will receive a Reiki certificate. To confirm the authenticity of this, an official Reiki stamp should not be missing. It also gives the student the opportunity to start their own practice with this certificate, which has this official Hanko Reiki stamp. The stamp features the official Usui-style Reiki Research Society (臼井式霊気研究会) text in Kanji.

Read here more about the background of the stamps.

Craftsmanship according to Japanese tradition

The Hanko Reiki stamp is made by a Japanese stamp master in a Japanese studio in the Kyoto area. The special thing about this way of manufacturing lies not only in the fact that it is no longer customary for stamps to be made by hand. The maker is familiar with Japanese traditions. As a result, each stamp is made with honour and with a lot of respect for the recipient. You are assured of a unique and authentic personal stamp.

High quality natural stone

The natural stone Garanseki (伽藍石) used for making the stamp is also called the Temple Stone and guarantees lifelong quality. Because the Hanko Reiki stamp is made of natural stone and is handmade, the colour (from light green to gray white) and the size may differ slightly from the photos shown. Your Hanko Reiki Stamp will be custom-made on request only. The delivery time is therefore approximately four weeks.

This Hanko Reiki Stamp comes in a stylish Japanese storage box. Look here for a stamp pad.

A Hanko Reiki Stamp for Reiki Masters

When ordering, we ask you to upload a clear copy of your Reiki Master certificate. The reason for this is that we only supply the Hanko Reiki stamp to certified Reiki Masters. We rely on your understanding for this.

The Hanko Reiki Master stamp, which is made in the same traditional way, can also be ordered from JinKei. Are you looking for a different kind of stamp with a personalized image? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Hanko Reiki stamp

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This product is made on request and by hand, delivery time is approximately 4 weeks.

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