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  • Reiki Treatment for children

They may need it

Children also end up in situations that cost them a lot of energy: stress at home, at school, or having trouble getting along with other children. There are also children who do not sleep or have nightmares. Maybe they suffer from allergies or other physical complaints. Of course you always first contact your doctor. But you don't always get the answers or solutions you hope for. Because it may have nothing to do with a medical cause.

A Reiki treatment for children

The Reiki treatment of children by JinKei is not as extensive as for an adult, because children absorb energy much more easily and therefore less time is needed for treatment.

As a parent, you always remain present during the treatment. This will make your child feel more at ease. If desired, your son or daughter may sit on your lap during the treatment.

It is also important that you know what happens during the treatment. If your child talks about his or her experiences or feelings afterward, you can understand them better and share them more easily.

JinKei will answer questions and help your child 

Do you think your child would benefit from a conversation about the things that concern him or her during the day and at night? Are you looking for answers that no one seems to have? Contact us for all your questions. It doesn't matter how old your child is, even at a very young age there can be many things going on in their head that you as a parent don't know about. Chances are that JinKei can answer your questions. We also enter into a conversation with your child about the things that are so real to your child, but which cannot always be understood or seen by others.

And that can make a world of difference.

Reiki Treatment for children

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