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The second degree Okuden

This online training second degree Okuden is no different from the personal JinKei training. The second degree Okuden is spread over three weeks, where you learn all the additional facets of the most traditional form of the second degree Reiki. You don't just learn the theoretical part that makes up most western Reiki courses. You go even deeper into communicating with the energy that guides you than with the first degree, and you learn that place and time do not actually exist. The second degree Okuden is the completion of the first degree Shoden to be able to work as a professional practitioner.

The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

At the second degree, you will receive the very important bridge symbol. With this symbol, you can contact people who are not physically present in the same room with you. Using various techniques, you learn to make contact with the subconscious mind of a human or animal, so that you can send healing without touch. It doesn't matter where that person is in the world. Since time and place are not important any more when using the bridge symbol, you are also able to direct the energy to future or even past events. Or repair traumas that arose in the past, and even in past lives, that a person is now suffering from.

Three weeks full of energy

During this three-week period, you will receive three initiations from your JinKei Master and learn to work with the third of the four symbols used in traditional Reiki. You continue in your growth process and learn that distance and place are relative. You will also learn how to treat yourself, but also others, at a distance. How to use gemstones in your treatments and beyond, we cover the purification of homes and also dealing with negative entities is discussed. The second degree Okuden is therefore the only logical step in your growth process if you are ready for it. It is a complete addition to the first degree Shoden. Certainly, if you also want to treat other people, the second degree should not be missing. As a second-degree Okuden practitioner, it becomes a lot more serious.

You can always contact your own JinKei Master with questions, both during the training and afterwards, who will personally guide you via email, WhatsApp and Live chat. Even after you have completed the training, you can always contact your own JinKei Master with questions. This online training consists of the online information supplemented with audio files and the course material in PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I start my own Reiki practice with this certificate?
    Yes, you can, with the second degree you have enough knowledge to treat people professionally.

  • Do I need special preliminary training?
    Yes, you must have a JinKei 1st degree Shoden certificate or other equivalent Reiki 1st degree certificate. If you have obtained a Reiki 1st degree certificate elsewhere, the JinKei Master will discuss the first degree with you and supplement your knowledge where necessary.

  • How long should there be between the first degree Shoden and the second degree Okuden?
    After you have completed the first degree Shoden, you will need a minimum of 3 months to develop yourself more and to complete the learning process of the first degree Shoden. A good Master will therefore not accept your application within those three months, but will start at a later date.

  • Can I start the course right away?
    Yes, after finishing the order and uploading a copy of your 1st degree certificate, you can start right away.

  • Do I get an official 2nd degree Okuden certificate?
    Yes, after completing this training you will receive the official certificate belonging to the training by post.

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Reiki second degree Okuden online

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