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Third degree Master & Sensei

This online JinKei third degree Master & Sensei training is no different from the personal JinKei training. With the third degree Master & Sensei, you are a master of theory and a teacher for others. The entire growth process is accelerated and with the master symbol you receive the fourth and final symbol within traditional Reiki. Becoming a master and especially being a master is often underestimated. It is therefore a training that you should only do if you are absolutely sure that you want this. And not because it is part of it, the certificate looks nice on the wall or because you think you will get more prestige. You can only expect a lot in return if you approach this properly and seriously. The elements of seeing, knowing, hearing, smelling and the intangible are becoming more tangible and taking on a more important role. You will be in charge during treatments, and you will see and understand the world differently. You will amaze yourself again and again in an endless process.

The start of a long journey

Despite the fact that after completing the Master & Sensei training, having extensive knowledge of the previous Shoden and Okuden training courses and through gained experience, the journey really starts from now on. From this moment on, you have all the tools to develop yourself even more. It's up to you now. You develop yourself faster through additional ways of meditation and through unexpected experiences that you encounter on a daily basis. Recognizing and feeling the discomforts of others is becoming easier, and the things you 'know' become a certainty. The use of the symbols is greatly enhanced and from now on you have it in your own hands.

Passing on knowledge

After obtaining this third degree Master & Sensei training, you are also Sensei (Teacher) in addition to Master. You can now start training others in the traditional Reiki system by passing on your knowledge and experience. You can train others to become Shoden, Okuden and even Master & Sensei. Although it is very important that this knowledge and experience is passed on in the right way, it is of course not mandatory to teach. You can also continue to use your third degree Master & Sensei for further self-development, that is entirely up to you.

The JinKei training

The third degree Master & Sensei training consists of four parts, spread over four weeks, which you follow independently online under the guidance of the JinKei Master. During this four-week period, you will receive four initiations from your JinKei Master. You will also receive the complete training from Shoden to Master in book form. After finishing the training, you will receive the official JinKei Master & Sensei certificate with the correct stamps by the JinKei Master.

You can always contact your own JinKei Master, who will guide you personally with questions, both during the training and afterwards. You can also ask additional questions via email, WhatsApp and Live chat. Even after you have completed the training, you can always contact your own JinKei Master with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do with the Master & Sensei training?
    With this training, you are an accomplished Master in traditional Reiki and you can train other people.

  • Do I need special preliminary training?
    Yes, to start this training, you must be in possession of the second degree Okuden or another equivalent Reiki second degree certificate. If you have obtained a Reiki second degree certificate elsewhere, the JinKei Master will discuss the first and second degree with you and supplement your knowledge where necessary.

  • How much time should there be between the second degree Okuden and the third degree Master & Sensei?
    This depends on the person. It is advisable to first gain experience with the second degree for a few months. There are people who will never start the third degree Master & Sensei and there are people who want to continue almost immediately. Above all, listen to your own feelings.

  • Do I have to live as a Tibetan monk as Master & Sensei?
    No absolutely not. This is done by many because Reiki is widely practised in Asia. Reiki is not tied to country, appearance or clothing style. Just do the same as usual. It happens to be called Reiki because it came to the west from Japan. But the energy you use does not come from Japan, it comes from all around us. It has nothing to do with any country or form of religion.

  • Will I receive an official third degree Master & Sensei certificate?
    Yes, after completing this training you will receive the official certificate belonging to the training by post.

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Reiki third degree Master & Sensei online

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