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Entities: positive or negative - What's the difference and how do you notice it?


You may immediately associate the word entities with an unpleasant feeling. That doesn't always have to be the case. In this blog we explain what entities exactly are and, above all, how we can help you if you think you experience the presence of entities in your immediate environment.

What exactly are entities?

Spirits or entities are energies of deceased humans that reside in our world. Often we are not aware of their presence. But sometimes we are, indeed. You notice this, for example, because things in the house are moved in an incomprehensible way, there can be a sudden gust of wind, or they create a cold feeling around you. According to scientists, the cold is created because the ghost or entity needs energy (heat) to appear. So it removes heat and creates cold.

And who does not know the stories of knocking sounds, the inexplicable sound of moans, sighs, or objects suddenly falling to the floor and lamps that seem to lead a life of their own.... Not every glass that falls on the floor has by definition something to do with an entity. But we cannot ignore the fact that the entities can make themselves known to us in the aforementioned ways.

Is this a reason to panic?

That doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Knowing that your recently deceased family member is manifesting this way can be very comforting. But sometimes it can also be very annoying, or downright scary.

There are two types of known entities:

1. Positive
2. Negative

Positive entities

Positive entities are in the light, they want to share their knowledge and their positive energy with us so that we can share it with others. They provide a great wealth of knowledge that continues to grow the more it is shared. That's why they like to return to people on Earth to let them know what it's like on the other side. They also come to tell us that we are learning so many wrong things, just like when they were on Earth themselves. They explain things to help us and protect us and guide us in our life lessons. These spirits communicate directly with our senses through dreams, meditation or intuition.

Negative entities

Negative entities have only one purpose, and that is to keep people away from the light. They try to influence people negatively through a link (an anchor) that is created in the energetic body. Not only do they attack people that way. Especially the negative entities can have a very unwanted influence on someone's life. For people who have already further developed and recognized their spirituality, it is very important to protect themselves from this. Among other things, to prevent the negative entity from exerting influence.

But it can also be the case that people are absolutely unaware of the entity they have around them, or even carry with them.
At JinKei we regularly help people who are literally burdened by the negative consequences that a negative entity entails. During a consultation, we ensure that this entity is released and that it continues its journey to the light.

If you think you are dealing with this or if you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us.