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Self development and spiritual growth, how do I do that?


What do the Internet and Reiki have in common?

What does the internet have to do with the question of how you can grow spiritually or become a Reiki practitioner, for example? The internet has brought us many benefits. You can easily look up things, you can even easily see what a street looks like 2,000 kilometers away. The disadvantage of the internet is that you are sometimes overwhelmed with information. And if you don't know exactly what to look for, then you don't know whether you've found the right information.

When looking for a good and reliable method to develop spiritually or to get answers to questions related to spiritual growth, you run into the same things. You are looking for a Reiki Master who can answer your personal questions or who can give you a training that is of a high level and that also adds something substantive. But how do you know whether you are making the right choice and also getting value for money?

Different content and different prices

You can read and find a lot of information on the sites of Reiki Masters and Reiki Societies.
You have probably come across different forms of Reiki, but also different forms of courses. Often with the most beautiful stories to make it as attractive as possible. And to justify the amount of money that is put against it. Especially in the west, you come across different versions of Reiki. It is basically the same, only they are given different names. That does not always make it easy to see exactly what it means. The reason for the different versions and the different prices is of course that such a practice wants to distinguish itself and also wants to earn a good living from it. They also do this by adding all kinds of extras, such as extra initiations.

€ 10,000.00

There is also an organization that calls itself the “Official Reiki Foundation.” They charge their members enormous amounts for following a course and also oblige them to repeat every year against payment.
They put the amount you have to pay to eventually become a Reiki Master at $10,000. This amount and also the obligation that comes with it, completely ignores the Reiki philosophy and the purpose of Reiki. There is no way they can justify this amount. This foundation is therefore unable to provide a clear explanation or reason for the (composition of) this amount. That makes you wonder why you should pay it at all.

A bit of history

The background to this story is that when Hawayo Takata brought the Reiki method to the West, hardly anyone believed in it or wanted to work with it. So a way was sought to increase awareness of Reiki. The solution was found in America. From the moment they started asking $10,000.00 for a course, the Americans were suddenly interested. Something so expensive must be good, they thought. Thus, Reiki was successfully introduced in the west. Unfortunately, that is why the so-called official Reiki institutes still maintain that value of 10,000 to this day, in this case in euros.

Reiki is for everyone

However, Mikao Usui, the Japanese who reinvented this healing method, has never asked for money for his treatments or training. Reiki is something that everyone should be able to receive or give. It is certainly not only for the rich among us and you do not have to take out a loan to use it or to learn it.
Masters who charge this kind of money are not properly trained themselves or do not understand the true meaning of Reiki. Receiving or giving Reiki should not depend on money. Of course, you can ask for compensation for the time you put into it, especially if you have to provide for your livelihood with this. Putting together a course and providing the right guidance also takes a lot of time. But money should not be the motivation.

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner

This brings us back to the first question: How do you know if you have found a good Reiki Master, or a good Reiki training? The main answer to this question lies with you. You have to listen carefully to yourself when making the decision: what does your intuition say.
One of the things to consider in your decision is what your goal is. Do you only want to help/treat yourself and close relatives? Or do you want to fully develop yourself and maybe even open a practice and go through the entire process from practitioner to Reiki Master?

Reiki is more than a method

What is important to realize and understand is that Reiki training involves more than just learning techniques. During the training, a spiritual channel is opened through which your life can completely change. From that moment on, you can have perceptions that you did not have before.
If a Master does not discuss that aspect with you, or does not guide or cannot guide you in this, then you are not in the right place. Because that means that you can never fully apply and master the techniques. Or that you get lost in a forest of experiences and questions, in which you are not properly guided and taken care of.

There are also Masters who, for example, do not give the third degree (Reiki Master). That would mean that if you want to, you have to switch to another Reiki Master. You should really avoid that.
There are also Reiki practices that split the third degree into a 3a and 3b version (which is popular in the west). This is a typical example of someone who added something unnecessary to the course. I can think of no other reason for the latter than that it arose from a commercial point of view. In any case, it's completely redundant.
Traditional Reiki training consists of 3 degrees:
1. Reiki practitioner (Shoden)
2. Remote Reiki Practitioner (Okuden)
3. Reiki Master/Teacher (Shinpiden/Shihan)

During these three training sessions, you must go through all the facets of Reiki that you need to make it a success so that you can grow in Reiki optimally. Because Reiki is an infinite growth process and not a theory that you master immediately after finishing the last chapter.... You only learn to drive a real car after you have obtained your driver's license.
Return days or annual refresher training is completely unnecessary and is done - or made mandatory - from a purely commercial point of view. You have to start the growth process yourself, in practice and in your own daily life. And if you actively work with the learned things, you will certainly experience and be able to use or apply this self-development and spiritual growth. But not if the original training wasn't complete enough. But then you can ask yourself again whether you ended up at the right practice in the first place.

The personal growth process after a Reiki training

Asking questions about a treatment or regarding your growth process to your own Master should always be possible without any problems. And also as long as it is necessary. This is therefore independent of a recurring, annually scheduled and paid meeting.
And since Reiki is a personal growth process, the timeline associated with it can be different for everyone.
Retraining is therefore not necessary. A personal guidance is much better in place.

At JinKei we work according to the original, traditional Reiki as it is intended. All other forms of Reiki are superfluous. The claim that you can do more with these more extensive forms than with the traditional form is therefore not justified.
The expansion of the modules does not add anything, in the end it can only cause confusion for the student.

Do you want to know more about our training?

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