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How can JinKei help me with mental or physical complaints?


Seemingly simple things can have a big impact on your life or leave scars that seem to be useless. So how can JinKei help?

The bumps and setbacks in your path

Life is full of bumps and sometimes those bumps get so big that you can't get over them without help. You've tried everything, but you can't figure it out on your own. We are not mainly talking about physical pain, but about mental pain. Although most physical pain is of course also caused by mental trauma.

We can list here a whole list of mental complaints that we mean by this, such as anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or panic attacks. But if you're living with this struggle yourself, we don't need to explain it to you.

The limit has been reached and you need help

As a child, seeing white orbs floating in the sky and seeing ghosts can affect the rest of your life. You didn't know what it meant. The surrounding adults in your life consider it children's talk and fantasy stories. You did your own research in later life and you may have looked for answers in the direction of aliens. But you increasingly feel that this is not the answer you are looking for. Or you get more and more mental and physical complaints that you can't explain and sometimes you don't seem to be yourself.

At some point, you get to a point where you know it can't go on like this. You have too much physical pain, so that you can no longer function in daily life. Or you are no longer able to work, because you can no longer handle this mentally.

A cry for help should always be taken seriously

Where do you go when you need help? And what do you do if you don't know who to contact? You have already spoken to your doctor. A psychologist also offered no solution. It can be a very lonely quest. Your family or friends have had enough of it by now and you think there must be something other than the usual medical care. But the people close to you do not believe in these kinds of treatments. In their eyes, that vague stuff adds nothing. Or it just talks you into complexes.

Even if you have already decided for yourself that Reiki can be a solution for your complaints, or if you have the idea that you want to know more about Reiki treatments, it is still difficult to find someone who can really help you.

JinKei does take you seriously.

Internet and social media

There are of course many websites and social media groups that provide a lot of information and where there is a lot of talk about all kinds of treatment forms. Maybe you've already asked a question on those platforms and you were overloaded with counter questions, well-intentioned advice and explanations about what you should and shouldn't consider.

But.... no one really answered your question, no one seemed to respond to the one thing you need: Help.

The flow of information has also increased with the Internet. You no longer see the forest for the trees and you no longer know who is right. Is it the person who has already taken five different courses with all kinds of impressive designations? Or the Reiki Master who offers you free group therapy? Or the practitioner with 20 years of experience who likes to tell you what she can already do and who also likes to discuss with other Reiki Masters to convince that she has the most knowledge?

What do you look for when choosing a Reiki practitioner?

When looking for a Reiki Master to treat the complaints you have, you should always do one thing. Go by your own feeling. And in doing so, ask yourself whether you will trust the person you want to choose.

Don't be distracted by the things posted by other people in response to your questions in all posts. But filter out what is important to you:

• Is it a possible solution to my request for help?

• Can that person handle the seriousness of my request for help?

• Is it someone I think has the knowledge and skills I need?

• Can I trust that person with my story?

If you can give a positive answer to these questions for yourself, then there is a good chance that this is the right Reiki practitioner for you.

Because it is a fact that complaints are not only caused by a stressful job. Post-traumatic stress, early childhood or past life trauma can just as easily have a huge impact on your life. And you can use all the help of a professional therapist you trust and who takes your story seriously.