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Imaginary friends or big fears - What can I do to help my child?


As a parent, you may already realize that you need help. But you may be genuinely wondering if Reiki is indeed the solution for your child. Have you already talked to a doctor about it, but didn't get the answers or the solution you were hoping for? It is also possible that the doctor has prescribed medication to give your child some rest, for example. But your child only seems to get sick from these drugs. And your child's restlessness or fear will not diminish.

A search for explanations and help

The internet is an inexhaustible resource if you are looking for alternative explanations. You read about children who talk to angels, to trees and who have a close bond with animals. Some of it is recognizable, but it doesn't quite match the experiences you have with your child.

Your child can become hyperactive at birthday parties or very anxious, while normally they are quite calm. It can suddenly have periods when it is extremely aggressive, brutal or indifferent. The sudden change in behavior or the slow change does not suit your child's character. But you don't know where it comes from.

As a parent, you are powerless and worried.

At first, you probably thought that your child is going through a stage of development. Growing up happens by trial and error; it can be an intense time for children. But you probably have the feeling that it has little to nothing to do with that. And if you ask your child what is going on, you often get the answer 'nothing'. Or they just ignore you.

Your child becomes more aware of 'being different'

Chances are that your child knows very well what is going on. Only he or she knows that it probably doesn't make sense to talk about it. It is now aware that the story does not fit into society. Your child therefore realizes more and more that it is probably not believed after all.

For example, when your child gets older, about 4 years old, he or she will realize that those white balls that are seen so regularly in the sky are not seen by mother. And having someone in your room every night telling you they can't go to sleep because someone needs to be rescued doesn't seem to be as common as your child first assumed.

Why tell mom or dad if they don't understand what you're experiencing? It's confusing for a child. The things it considered perfectly normal from birth turn out not to be so normal at all.

New age children

If you recognize your child in what we have described above, there is a good chance that you have a new age child. Now all children are different. So it is not possible to give a fixed description here either. But you can recognize new age children by a number of characteristics.

New age children are sensitive to stress, the worries, feelings and emotions of other people. They sense it easily and react intensively to it. They feel responsible for it and often think they have to provide a solution. They forget that they are still children themselves.

Feeling and perceiving - A sixth sense

The child will generally not be aware that this perceiving is within their capabilities, in the sense that they do not know otherwise, and it is something that just is. But they also cannot protect themselves against all those outside perceptions, and that is where the problems can arise in daily life.

New age children often understand other people flawlessly. They can see through whether someone is sincere. And they don't care much for people who aren't. In addition, they hate conflict and will do anything to keep the peace. They are often wise for their age and tend to take on the role of a parent or adult.

Recognizable behavior

New age children are also said to have a lot of imagination, a lot of thinking and to be idealistic. They envision a world where everyone can live in harmony with each other. You often hear stories about children who are one with nature, have a lot of imagination and are dreamy or restless. On the other hand, they have trouble with authority. This gets them into trouble because they are often still young and have to listen to what their parents or teachers say. In some cases, they know for sure that they are right. They become frustrated that they cannot convince the adult. This makes them rebellious. It may be the reason that a conflict with the teacher arises because the child is seen as stubborn or unmanageable.

While your child is in good conscience alone or want to follow their inner feeling follows to remain faithful.

The struggle with themselves and the world

Apart from the daily confrontation with the people in their immediate environment, the child may also have perceptions that are beyond your imagination. Children can talk to people you can't see, they see colors or just black spots around people. It frightens them, for example because the images they see are violent. And sometimes they want nothing to do with it at all. But they have no idea how to resist it. And they understand that their parents cannot help them. So they get angry, frustrated or anxious. Or they withdraw and resign themselves to the fact that it is the case. But it doesn't make them happy. And as parents, you see your happy and talkative child slowly change.

No child is the same

What we have described here is only a fraction of the experiences children can have. Not all children perceive the same thing. Some children only feel that the cat has a headache. But other kids "see" the accident happening on the other side of town, with all the gory footage.

And often the child is very eager to talk about it, as long as they are sure that they are taken seriously. But it's also possible that your child just needs help understanding everything that is happening.

How can JinKei help my child?

At JinKei, we're here to help you understand your child. We answer all your questions. And we explain what goes on in your child's head. We offer a listening ear, also to your child, because the stories can be endless. And sometimes the, at first sight, most improbable experiences must also be told.

But above all, JinKei can guide you to peace and harmony in the life of your child and yourself. So that you can find a balance in everyday life and still support your child to deal with the experiences. Because at a very young age, phenomena can have a deep impact and understanding and explanation, also towards your own child, is essential.

What does a consultation for my child consist of?

Sometimes the conversations are enough. Your child and yourself can find peace in the fact that there is truly an explanation for everything you are going through. And knowing you're not alone in this can be a relief. But in some situations, we also recommend a Reiki treatment for your child. With a Reiki treatment, we can help your child regain his sense of self. But we will also teach your child to shut himself off from all outside influences, which are too heavy to play too big a role in daily life.

As a parent, you are always present at these consultations to support your child. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.