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A loved one passed away - Does JinKei have the answers for me?


Death is part of life. For some it is easier to accept than for others. And the reason why someone dies, or the way in which someone dies, can also greatly influence the level of acceptance. Of course, you miss people who die in old age. You also realize that this next step in their journey is inevitable, and you eventually find peace in that. But there are always exceptions to this.

The acceptance process also leads to questions

On the other hand, there are also situations where it is difficult to accept the death of a loved one. This is the case, for example, if someone dies at a young age as a result of an illness. Sometimes this is preceded by a long illness, or years of medical treatment in which the hope remains that the sick person has a chance of recovery. Or, for example, a traffic accident takes place and the victim dies as a result of this. In that case, you are suddenly confronted with a great loss.

Whether or not you know in advance that there is a chance that someone will die, it remains difficult to deal with these kinds of situations. Of course, it is different for everyone. But often relatives are left with questions. Why did it have to happen to this person? And why was this young life ended in this way? The reason or cause of death may not always be clear. For example, if senseless violence resulted in death. Or sudden infant death syndrome.Then there are the follow-up questions. Has the deceased person found peace, is there no more pain, sadness or fear and what exactly happened?

You would like answers to these questions.

A conversation about death with JinKei

In our practice, we do not deal with death on a daily basis. However, we cannot ignore the fact that death as a topic regularly comes up in conversations with our clients. Then it's about reincarnation, for example. Or about perceiving energies and the existence of negative entities. But such conversations have a different origin than a person's need to interact with a loved one who has recently passed away. At JinKei, we don't just give you the answers you hope to hear. Sometimes the message is confrontational. But we tell you what we are told, it is up to you to interpret this further.

Does JinKei have the answers?

Of course, we understand that you need to connect with a family member or close friend who has passed away. And there are certainly people among the Reiki practitioners and other spiritual practices who are concerned with that. You can go there for a conversation in which you receive indications that your grandfather, sister or beloved colleague is really the person who causes the lamps in the living room to flicker at unexpected moments. But in principle, JinKei is not the place for that. This is because it is not our task to act as an information channel in this way. At least, not when it comes to a basic conversation between you and the deceased. For that, you have to go to someone who specializes in acting as a channel for the 'simple' messages that the deceased want to pass on to their next of kin.

When can JinKei do something for me?

Having said this, it does not alter the fact that you may come into contact with someone close to you who has passed away during a consultation or treatment. But that doesn't just happen, there's a reason for it.

The fact that the deceased person is seeking contact with you at that moment, directly or through the Reiki Master, has to do with things that are deeper than a chat or a sign of presence. In that case, the deceased has a specific announcement. It may be related to your own spiritual growth, or because the person has an urgent message for you that should not be ignored. But it is also possible that the deceased himself still has unfinished business in earthly existence. Or that he or she cannot continue to the light independently. The fact that you contacted JinKei gives the deceased person the opportunity to make themselves known and express themselves, perhaps even asking for help.

Would you like to develop yourself further spiritually, do you have questions regarding the loss of a loved one or do you want to learn to make contact with the 'other world'?

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