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  • Cleaning of house and spaces

Don't wait any longer

Have you been feeling uncomfortable in your own home for a long time? Or do you feel the presence of many negative energies and/or entities that make you feel uncomfortable? When this is the case over a long period of time, negative entities can create gates to attract more entities to your home. That is certainly not good for the atmosphere in the house. Someone who is sensitive to these entities can be quite bothered by them, even possibly leading to psychosis. Do not wait any longer if you think something is wrong and contact us as soon as possible so that we can guide you in this.

JinKei tackles the negativity and cleans your home

We will personally visit you for the energetic purification of houses. Ideally, only one person from your household will be present, so no other family members will be at home. We will go through your entire house and will burn and use sage during purification, if necessary. As this has quite a pungent odor, we advise you to stay outside during this procedure. Especially if you are pregnant, it is not wise to breathe this air. Half an hour after the entire house has been cleaned, you can open all windows and doors to ventilate well.

You will notice that there has been a huge relief in the house, everyone will sleep better and be less irritable.

Contrary to what some claim, a home cleaning is not final. After 2 to 3 months, the energies can return or pile up again. Especially when there are often negative thoughts or arguments in a house.

Without realizing it, this then builds up again. It is therefore important to provide a lot of positivity after a house or other space has been cleaned and not to take this too lightly.

Cleaning of house and spaces

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