JinKei - Guidance in the unknown


Why do you choose for a consultation with JinKei? Everyone has their own reason for seeking support. And every story is different and unique. At JinKei we provide an explanation for the elusive, we relieve (chronic) pain or stress or even take it away completely. We bring you back into balance so that you can function normally in daily life. Thanks to years of practical experience, you can count on JinKei's in-depth knowledge of the apparently unknown. In doing so, we keep both feet on the ground. We take your stories seriously.

In our practice, we also provide guidance if you are dealing with unexplained negative situations and/or fears. Not only with yourself, but also in your immediate living environment. We offer a listening ear for you or your children who 'know' and have special stories to tell, or who have unexplained knowledge about people and situations.

At JinKei we guide children and adults in their search for themselves.

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