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Cleaning healing crystals and other stones

It is well known that there are many stones that have special properties. From an energetic point of view, they are able to remove daily issues such as stress and tension or provide some extra support. Others strengthen your immune system or balance a space. Often someone also uses a combination of stones that each in their own way influence the energetic imbalance in proximity to the stones.

Absorbent capacity

Removing stress and the other complaints mentioned is possible because stones have an absorbing capacity and therefore absorb these energies or pain. What people regularly forget, or perhaps often don't even know, is that the absorption capacity of a stone is not infinite. The strength of a stone is determined by its size and clarity. And the same applies to the absorbing capacity. This capacity differs per stone type, and one stone is filled sooner than the other. What the wearer often does not realize is that when a stone is full, the stone also has to get rid of this negative energy. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the wearer will receive the negative energy absorbed by the stone back from the stone.

This is a very important point, especially with a tiger's eye. Tiger's Eye has a very limited absorption capacity, and when it is full, it gives everything back in a very aggressive way.

New stones

When you buy a new healing crystal, it is new to you. But in reality, it has already passed through many hands before you bought or received it. This means that of all those persons and situations, something can be present in the stone. As a result, a stone cannot feel comfortable or good, while this is not actually due to the stone.

Cleansing healing crystals and stones

Now you can put the stone in the moonlight in the hope that this will purify the stone. But you will find that these kinds of methods do not work. Because the negative energy will not be removed by doing so. More actions are involved and needed here. Therefore, you can have your healing crystals and stones cleansed by the JinKei Reiki Master. He is trained in this, and he does this remotely via a photo of the purchased stone. This cleaning method is the only way to ensure that all unwanted energies have been removed from the stone. So that you can fully enjoy it and the stone can do its job for which the stone was bought.

Even if you have been wearing a stone for some time or have it in your home, it is important to clean the stone regularly so that the properties of the stone can work as well as possible.

Do you want to learn how to clean a healing crystal yourself? Then take the JinKei first degree Shoden online training.

Healing crystal cleansing

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After successfully completing the order, all negative energy will be removed from the stone that is displayed on the photo, which you can upload below. You will receive a confirmation of this by email.

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