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  • Meditation for Spiritual Growth

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Meditation for Spiritual Growth

This online training, 'deep meditation for spiritual growth', is mainly intended for the self-development of the Reiki practitioner. These meditation forms are part of the JinKei trainings. It consists of 25 traditional meditations and techniques for every level that help you with your growth process and treatments. All meditation forms are provided with audio to guide you during the performance.

An indispensable addition

We meet many serious Reiki practitioners who feel that they are standing still, or that they have not learned everything that is involved in the traditional form of Reiki. This is often the case. That is why JinKei offers a series of short training sessions that can serve as a supplement. Deep meditation for spiritual growth is one of the short trainings that you can follow if you have not completed JinKei trainings. The meditations and techniques used in this short training not only strengthen the energy flow, but also your spiritual skills. This has a major effect on the treatments and on yourself. By regularly applying these forms of meditation, you support the development of your own growth process, which greatly enhances the elements of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling. And that comes in handy during treatments or during your daily activities.

This makes the deep meditation training for spiritual growth an indispensable supplement for the serious Reiki practitioner.

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Meditation for Spiritual Growth

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