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First degree Shoden, practitioner

This online first degree Shoden training is no different from the personal JinKei Shoden training. The 1st degree Shoden training is spread over four weeks, during which you learn all facets of the most traditional form of Reiki. When Reiki came to the West, Usui's followers believed that the Western world would only be ready to learn the healing techniques. And that by the way of life of the West the other parts would not be understood. Because of this, unfortunately, only one side of the Usui system is passed on and learned within the western form of Reiki. So the Western system is mainly based on the theoretical side.

In this JinKei training, unlike many other Reiki training, we do pay attention to the missing piece. In Japan, a lot of work is done with the 5 natural elements; wind, earth, fire, water and void. One of these elements is often forgotten in Western Reiki but is very important to give resultful treatments but even more for yourself. We are talking about "void" here. The element of void includes everything around us, the universe and everything in it, but what many of us no longer recognize or even fear. Especially because it is something that is intangible.

Within this void, there are several tools that you probably don't use yet, but you can train them and start using them. It is about knowing, smelling, hearing, seeing and feeling clearly. This also includes communicating with your spiritual guide and awareness of the presence of spiritual entities. At JinKei we are aware of this side of Reiki and have included this in our training. We like to pass on this elusive part of Reiki during the training sessions and make it more (comprehensible) for the Reiki practitioner.

From four weeks to always

During this four-week period you will receive four initiations from your JinKei Master and you will learn to work with the first two symbols used in Reiki. You learn how to balance yourself and experience a cleansing, after which you start a long process of growth. You will also learn how to treat yourself, but also others, in various situations and especially when not. Furthermore, you will also learn to protect yourself against everything that is not desirable.

It is a complete package that enables you to start working as an official Reiki practitioner, if you wish. Yet the first degree is mainly intended to work on yourself and above all to grow spiritually so that you can optimally use all possibilities. And if you do this seriously, you will discover a whole new world.

You can always contact your own JinKei Master with questions, both during the training and afterwards, who will personally guide you via email, WhatsApp and Live chat. Even after you have completed the training, you can always keep contacting your personal JinKei Master with questions.

The training

The four weeks of training first degree Shoden / Practitioner consists of 26 chapters, attachments, extras and also audio files. In addition, you can download the full 147-page training in PDF format (excluding audio files). After completing the training, you will receive the official Reiki 1st degree Shoden / Practitioner certificate by post.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I start my own Reiki practice with this certificate?
    Yes, you can, although it is wiser to wait at least until the 2nd degree.

  • Do I need special preliminary training?
    No, a special previous education is not necessary, being motivated and serious is.

  • Can I start the course right away?
    Yes, you can start immediately after completing the order.

  • Will I receive an official 1st degree Shoden certificate?
    Yes, after completing the 1st degree you will receive the official certificate belonging to the training by post.

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Reiki First degree Shoden online

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