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  • Reiki Treatment for adults

Take a moment for yourself

There can be many reasons for needing a Reiki treatment. A moment for yourself to relax and let the stress of everyday life slip away. To get some relief from your back pain, or knee pain, or any kind of pain. Or maybe there are other reasons that you can't explain, but that you feel like you want to talk about what you're experiencing and feeling... and the GP has no answers.

Mental cause

Many of the discomforts JinKei treats have a mental cause. Many discomforts to the body are caused by too much stress over a long period of time or by an acute stress situation. This causes complaints to muscles and joints, or possibly even injuries or illnesses. By tackling and removing the mental cause with a Reiki treatment, the resulting complaints will also disappear so that you can function better again.

How many treatments are needed

Sometimes one Reiki treatment is sufficient, but often more treatments are needed. You can remedy a lot with a treatment, but many discomforts need a more robust approach. Especially if they are deeper, the cause is more difficult to find. The same applies if it is the result of traumas from another phase of life. It is also possible that an inconvenience that has been treated will reappear after a period of time. This is the case, for example, if the cause (such as a stress situation) reveals itself again. There is no standard for the number of treatments. And because everyone is unique, no journey is the same.

If you are unable to come to the practice, the treatments can also be done remotely. See remote treatment for more information.

Reiki Treatment for adults

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