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Textbook 1st degree Shoden

Have you already taken a first degree Reiki training, but do you feel that there is still something missing, or do you want to deepen your knowledge? Then this is a book for you. Learn more than just the theoretical (treatment) side of Reiki and develop your intuition. Get to know the life-changing and often missing part of Reiki which includes seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling. Grow in Reiki as a practitioner, work more focused and develop yourself to the maximum by using the element of void.

Would you like to have all the information you learned in the first degree as an entire reference work? Then order this complete textbook, 1st degree Shoden. This gives you a full overview of the techniques, various treatment methods and meditations for the first degree. And you will learn how to spiritual develop yourself in the best possible way.

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Do you want to discover Reiki?

Without proper training, certificate and especially the 4 initiations that come with this training, you cannot use the information from this book for treating yourself, others or starting a practice.

If you want to discover the extraordinary world around us, learn how to use his energy, develop yourself spiritually or help others and start a Reiki practice, start the training 1st degree Shoden. Follow this online training and get this book for free. Look for all information about the Reiki 1st degree Shoden training on this page.

For the Masters

Are you a Reiki Master with your own practice and are you planning to train students? Whether you are a starter or experienced in Reiki, you may need support in compiling the teaching material. With this textbook, you have all the information at your disposal to give a complete and substantive training first degree Reiki. This book is ideally suited as a textbook to give to your students as teaching material. This textbook consists of 26 chapters divided into 4 parts plus questions per part to test the knowledge. In addition, it gives an extensive explanation of the symbols, the self treatment, chair treatment and full table treatment. The additional topics, such as using the void, working with your spiritual guide and more, make this textbook a complete training to learn Reiki in the best way.

Masters can order this textbook with a discount starting from five pieces. If you want to do this, make sure you upload a clear copy of your Master certificate on the right side when ordering.

Only for Masters

  • 5 books 13% discount
  • from 10 books 15% discount

If you have any questions about this book or our training program, please feel free to contact us via contact@jinkei.fr or use our contact page.

Reiki first degree Shoden textbook

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