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Take kids seriously...

... that seem to see right through you

... that tell you about events you know they haven't experienced in their current lives

... who live with inexplicable fears

Children often know more than you think

And these kids know that all too well themselves and won't open up to you as a result. Unless they are completely convinced that you will believe them. If they don't have that conviction, they only tell part of what they know and/or experience. They often do this not to be rebellious, but to protect you against something you don't know about. Yet they test you and at unexpected moments they tell you things you are not ready for. Or they even reassure you and address you in a mature way beyond their own age. During a consultation for children, we enter into a conversation with your child, and we talk at the level that makes your child feel understood.

Children with a special story

In any case, the children who come to our practice are children who are special in their own way and who are looking for their place in today's society. They often have a different and more intelligent or logical view of everyday things. Or they are very much concerned with the future and social issues. They use other means to inform themselves. Substances that we usually no longer use, or that most people have never learned to use. It is important to remember that the children who have these experiences are just children. And that because of this they find it difficult to process this reality, which they are confronted with. As a result, they are closed because nobody really wants to listen to them anyway. Or there is intense frustration at the realization that they can do so little at their young age. Their logic is often misunderstood or dismissed with "it's only a child, what does he know about it now". While, if we would listen carefully, we could probably learn a lot from them.

We are happy to share our experience

Do you have questions about the things your child encounters? Do you recognize anything about your child in the things we discuss in this blog? We have experience with these children and speak their language. So we can help you and answer all your questions. For a conversation, together with your child, you can contact us via the consultation for children. But we are also there for you if you want guidance on how best to start a conversation with your child. Because it may be about topics that you have never delved into or that you simply have never heard of....

We are happy to share our experience so that a stronger bond can develop between you and your child. But especially so that you can recognize things yourself and build up your own experience. This will make conversations with your child easier and form the basis for trust from your child. A new world will open up to you.

As a parent, you are always present in the room during the conversation with your child. It is also possible to have a remote consultation.

Consult for children

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