JinKei - Guidance in the unknown

Jin Kei - with full dedication and wisdom

When taken seriously, Reiki is a way of life, a profound life change and a different view of the current existence of ourselves and everything around us. That is also what the words Rei Ki together mean. It names in two words the all-encompassing energy in and around us from which all existence is built. An energy that you can see, feel, smell, know and use for all your daily things in the present, future and past, if you allow yourself. Because just saying you're doing it isn't enough to get the most out of what's available to you. You have to "be" it to understand

You can follow such a great training and read as many Reiki books as possible or give treatments. But if you don't allow yourself the time to be serious about it or allow yourself to grow into it and experience all that you are allowed to experience, then you will never fully understand or experience the essence and completeness of Reiki. Then it turns out time and again that someone has the feeling 'missing something' and this person will look for an interpretation of that lack. Instead of deepening and growing in the learned (Reiki), this is filled by doing as many different spiritual courses as possible in the hope of finding satisfaction. Something very unfortunate. Because those who do give themselves the peace and space to experience Reiki to the maximum and allow themselves the time to grow in it, will gradually understand what I mean and experience the most beautiful things.

I do want to make a comment here that not everyone will experience and perceive the same thing or go through everything at the same pace. This is personal to everyone and depends on the stage of life you are in. It is also not the case that after achieving a Reiki level and after receiving the certificate, you know and can do everything. Throughout your life, you will grow and discover that you will become an increasingly complete person and practitioner of Reiki.

Through this website and with my trainings, I will help you to discover the true essence of Reiki. I guide you in dealing with situations you encounter. It will also become clear that Reiki is more than just hand positions. And that you can use all the elements around you as a practitioner while growing in Reiki. Which also brings you closer to yourself. The knowledge you gain during the training sessions at JinKei are therefore different and go into the matter much deeper than most Reiki courses. You will not find a quick training at JinKei; the teachings in traditional and profound Reiki simply take time. Time you invest in yourself. Because you are doing this 100% for yourself.

At JinKei we would like to inform you, if that has not already happened, that Reiki does not obligate you to anything and will only work positively from the intention and sincerity of the giver. Also, following a training as a practitioner and/or Reiki Master does not oblige you to treat people. It is therefore very suitable to use only for your own development and growth. You only treat others if you want to and when you are ready, and certainly not when others think it is necessary.

Do you have questions about Reiki and everything that comes with it, or can we help you with something? Please feel free to contact us.